“Without a systematic way to start and keep data clean, bad data will happen.” — Donato Diorio

District Data Coordinator (DDC) Training

Many DDC’s get thrown into the position of data reporting with little or no knowledge of the rules, regulations or processes.  Inaccurate data reporting can have a negative impact on districts in accountability classifications as well as potentially impacting state funding.

We can provide thorough training on all aspects of data reporting including the assistance in creating and developing good data processes for accurate reporting.  

Overview of data elements that could be provided are:

End Product: A DDC who is knowledgeable on how to retrieve data from the sources systems for state reporting including correcting errors.  The DDC will have an understanding and knowledge of the data reporting requirements, including the importance of the accuracy and timeliness of submissions as well as the ability to interpret the state reports that get generated as a result of the data submissions.