“Without a systematic way to start and keep data clean, bad data will happen.” — Donato Diorio

Data Coordination and Reporting Service

Precision Data Reporting, LLC (PDR) is just what our name says … precise data reporting.  We specialize in timely and accurate State and Federal data reporting.  We have extensive experience and knowledge of the reporting requirements and can assist educational agencies (both public and non-public) in fulfilling those requirements.  We can train, create processes and interpret the data in a meaningful way.

No data project is too big or too small.  We can provide complete data coordination or just a specific data collection set (e.g. Civil Rights Data Collection).  We can assist in grant writing and creating Board of Education reports.  Data is what we love to do.

Data can tell a story.  What’s yours?

Data Reporting Services

If you need help with any or all of these tasks, contact us today to start solving your data needs.