“Without a systematic way to start and keep data clean, bad data will happen.” — Donato Diorio

Data Coordination and Reporting Service

Coordinate/report all student and staff data required by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) and implement statewide data warehouse and federal and state reporting requirements accurately and timely. This includes a systems approach towards the District’s procedures and processes for managing student and staff data and developing processes for new data reporting requirements.

Student Data includes:

Demographic; enrollment; program facts [e.g. English New Learner (ENL), economically disadvantaged, Migrant, Students with Disabilities (SWD), etc.]; course data including grades, course credit and/or dual credit; Regents assessment data including ordering of answer sheets, retrieving scores from ASAP, reporting of scores/exemptions; linkage of students to teachers which also generates the state Staff Out of Certification report, if applicable; student daily attendance, Special Education (CSE and CPSE) including New York State Alternate Assessment (NYSAA) and BEDS Day and End of Year snapshot records, Special Education events, PD 8 (SWD discipline), NYSITELL answer sheet ordering and retrieving NYSITELL scores after assessment is given.

Teacher Data Includes:

Staff snapshot (e.g. hire date, education level, years of teaching experience, salary, etc.); Staff Assignment (giving non-instructional professional staff an assignment record which identifies their role in the district e.g. School Counselor, Assistant Principal, etc.); Staff Tenure including alignment to Staff Snapshot data; tenure tracks; Staff Certification information and Staff Attendance.

These data sets generate twenty-six (26) state reports that need to be certified by the Superintendent at the end of every year. As reports are generated and updated throughout the year, they will be shared with the appropriate district staff to review and verify after I have given it a thorough review and ask questions/receive clarification on data that appears out of line.

Work with district staff, and the source systems they manage, to retrieve data for state reporting including correcting errors, preparing data for the data loads into testing systems (Nextera and Kite):

  1. Free and reduced lunch data, which generates the districts economically disadvantaged rate, comes from district's cafeteria program;
  2. Students with Disabilities (SWD) data from Frontline/IEP Direct including preparing Verification Reports for the Director of PPS to review and certify.
  3. Student data comes from the student management system (School Tool, eSchool, PowerSchool).  Assist the SMS database administrator with the database management.
  4. Prepare 180 day calendar and advise on the hours and day requirements.  
  5. Staff Data comes from the districts Human Resource system (WincCap, nVision) which gets loaded to the state.  A comprehensive review is done on all staff data to ensure only current teachers are reported, that records rollover and update annually, as appropriate, and review tenure tracks/dates to ensure they are in alignment with the standard.
  6. Complete the BEDS IMF (Institution Master File) for the district and all buildings annually;
  7. School Safety and Education Climate (SSEC): work with principals to prepare reports for the Superintendent’s certification.  Review of discipline data throughout the year as OSS and ISS are two areas we report and if done incorrectly in the SMS, could have an impact on Chronic Absenteeism, a Federal ESEA indicator.
  8. Corporal Punishment (2 times annually) – prepare for superintendent’s certification.  
  9. CRDC (Civil Rights Data Collection) – huge Federal data set that gets completed every other year. Next submission that will be due is anticipated for 2023-24 for the 2021-22 school year.    
  10. When data is released by the state, whether it’s embargoed or prior to being publicly released, share the reports with the appropriate administrator so they are aware of what will become public data on the District and school’s NYS Report Card.
  11. When 3-8 ELA and Math and Regents instructional reports become available, share the reports with the appropriate administrator(s) for their review and use with teachers.  
  12. Monitor compliance regarding data standards and maintenance of records;
  13. Act as a liaison between the District and NYSED relative to data reporting;
  14. Secure certification of data by the Superintendent in accordance with NYSED certification schedule;
  15. Develop reports related to student data, when requested;
  16. Manage the data warehouse system administration for the District as well as the New York State Student Identifier System (NYSSIS) administration.